Purity & Safety

We believe that the safety and purity of our products is of the utmost importance, and we take every step necessary from sourcing to formulation to ensure that our customers receive only the highest quality regardless of cost, or limiting factors.

As purveyors of radiant skin and human optimization, our latest offerings after years of research, sourcing, beta testing, and development: Baba’s Balm is made using the the absolute highest quality ingredients on earth (literally). Including Devonshire grass-fed and grass-finished beef tallow, biodynamic extra-virgin olive oil, 12+ UMF rating Manuka honey (FDA recognized, enzyme rich. Renowned for non-healing wounds)  & Michigan beeswax - natural antifungal & seals in nutrients into epidermidis (skin)

Baba’s Balm+ same amazing Balm as above additionally, infused with 3000 mg. CBD, 2000 mg. GBG, mentha piperita (highest quality organic peppermint oil) and the 500 mg of Delta 8 tetrahydrocannabinol [THC] down regulating CB1and CB2 receptor sites to truly mitigate and relieve pain.

We never use ANY seed oils, synthetic fragrances, binders, excipients, preservatives, or other harmful additives whatsoever. Baba’s balm is crafted with HIGH intentions to ensure its purity and potency, so you can feel confident in what you're putting on your skin. After all the epidermis or skin is [essentially] the gut turned inside out. Food 4 thought :)

Our latest research driven, bio individual (only in the industry to do this! )  cannabinoid formulas are made with biodynamic, heirloom and poly hybridized hemp plants. They are meticulously selected, propagated, and harvested to ensure the best genetic expression and preservation of the sacred herb-intern allowing us the highest quality cannabinoid tinctures under the sun. Check out our reviews and testimonials! 

We are committed to Soul 2 Soil health and well-being. We believe that you deserve the best, and that's exactly what we deliver with every product we offer, using immense discernment along with a lifetime of research, loads of experience (life’s greatest teacher) therein the magic unfolds in our Alchemy.

We are true believers and pioneers of open-source knowledge!  I’m here to be of service, as I always have . It’s of the highest honor to share with ALL !  ~ Baba Ben 

Thank you for choosing us as your trusted source for many of your human optimization needs. 

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