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Akaal Daytime Formula - 4000mg CBD / 2500mg CBG (6, 30ml bottle

Akaal Daytime Formula - 4000mg CBD / 2500mg CBG (6, 30ml bottle

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Organic MCT Oil, 4000mg Cannabindiol (CBD) 2500 Cannabigerol (CBG) 216mg per Ml.or dropper & 6,500 total milligrams. 

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Customer Reviews

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Lori Noble
Akaal Daytime Formula really works

I have been using this daily in colder months as arthritis rears its ugly head and affects my right hand. So, using Ben's daytime formula does help ease the pain and lets me enjoy using my hand without pesky pain.

Anxiety WHO?!?

My Neurotransmitter genes are mutated which makes me susceptible to major anxiety. My anxiety can be so bad at times that I am nauseous, cant eat, cant sleep, and can barely focus to accomplish normal daily tasks. When I feel it creeping in on me I immediately take a dropper full of alchemy. Usually I will need to do 2 dropper fulls a day for a couple days and it seems to reset me. Sometimes I can go as long as a year without needing any. I also use it when I fly! Biodynamic Ben puts his heart and soul in every bottle and I truly believe it has everything to do with the healing power this medicine has. So much love for Alchemy!

Jennie Nemeth
Baba’s Balm is Amazing!

I have struggled with the bottom of my feet for many years – they were a mess! I did all the routines of western health care with no improvement. I basically gave up. No sandals for me.

My nephew Ben came to visit this past winter. He gave me a small jar of his Baba Balm to see if it would help my feet. They were getting better so Ben generously created a special formula just for me. I have been using it for about 3 months and can say what a HUGE difference the Balm has made! I am so eternally grateful and proud of Ben. He has a wealth of knowledge of natural and organic products and how they affect your organs, especially the most important organ of all – your skin. He is generous and interested in helping people so if you are experiencing any kind of skin problems or any other aliment, I highly recommend you reach out to Ben.
Congratulations Ben! Keep up the hard work for all of us!!
Aunt Jennie
P.S. Love the new website…

Stress & Anxiety

I’ve used this formula at times when I’m feeling overly anxious, overwhelmed and/or stressed. I felt the results almost immediately. I feel calm & the endless overthinking comes to a halt!

Daytime formula is the best I’ve used

The only CBD / CBG product I’ve ever felt! Life changing anxiety relief .