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Baba's Balm - Grass Fed Grass Finished Beef Tallow / Mānuka Honey (4 Ounces)

Baba's Balm - Grass Fed Grass Finished Beef Tallow / Mānuka Honey (4 Ounces)

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100% Grass Fed Grass Finished Devinshire Tallow, Italian Biodynamic Olive Oil, K20 factor Mānuka Honey, & Michigan Beeswax

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Customer Reviews

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Sarah Kleiner
Absolutely amazing!

This balm is BEYOND! My son had been struggling with some skin issues due to teething & I had tried everything! (Even regular tallow). This blend had his skin clear and beautiful within a few hours. I am eternally grateful & sharing with everyone I know!

Grace Adkins

I love my Baba's Balm and swear by it!!!
I spent 9 day in 100°+ weathered and my face was totally sunburned and felt like a thick leather and started to peel. I utilized my Baba's Balm twice a day and by the 5th day it was back to normal, nice and hydrated. I now am utilizing it as my everyday face cream/moisturizer. My skin has never looked so healthy... I highly recommend it 🔥🔥🔥

Catherine Leonard-Parmerlee
Bye bye cracked heels

The winters are tough on my heels. This balm is fantastic. Only a few days showed dramatic improvement. The only caveat is keeping my puppy away from licking my feet because he thinks it’s yummy!

Kathy C.
Baba’s balm is the BEST!

I have been using tallow balm for years to use as a body lotion. Eczema is something I have been struggling with since I was a child. Going on the GAPS diet helped clear it up, but it did return again unfortunately.
Since I had a lot of success getting relief from eczema by applying honey to my hands as mask, I thought adding it into my tallow balm would make the balm more soothing, although I could not get it to mix or as Ben says: suspend into the tallow.
Using plain tallow balm was the only lotion that gave the eczema on my hands any relief. It did not “cure” it, but it did make it less uncomfortable. After experimenting with this recipe, I was impressed, but not fully satisfied.
That being said, this balm can be used for anyone really. Tallow is one of the best, if not the best ingredients for your skin. This recipe is excellent to use for dry skin in general.
Then I discovered Baba Balm .
Surprisingly, Ben has found a way to suspend and utilize the non-wound healing nature of high K factor Manuka honey into Devonshire grass-fed tallow, and extra-virgin biodynamic olive oil, Michigan beeswax to seal the skin .
What a difference this product has truly made for our entire family, especially my daughter and I dealing with eczema!
Good products are not cheap, this balm is worth its weight in gold!

Thanks Ben !