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Biodynamic Ben's Soil 2 Soul ReGenesis

High Dose Trial 10ml Bottle

High Dose Trial 10ml Bottle

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Travel size and also make a great gifts. Day is 916mg & Night is a whopping 1182 mg of-broad spectrum cannabinoids!

Available in daytime and nighttime formula. 

Daytime formula is great for reducing anxiety, overwhelm and worry while maintaining balance/homeostasis. 

Nighttime formula is great for experiencing deep REM sleep and promoting internal autophagy and neurogenesis.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Desiree Stowell

This has helped with my anxiety, sleep, circadian rhythm, and so much more. I've tried so many different brands and believe this is the absolute best one for me.

Lisa De Graaf
Love it

This product has been so helpful for my sleep. I have been struggling for a few months with getting quality, uninterrupted sleep and waking up feeling refreshed. I absolutely love the akaal night formula because it has allowed me to get the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a while. I even wake up naturally without my alarm now.

Jennifer Latham
Thank goodness!

Slept through the night ☺️

Stephanie Sutton
Works extremely well

So happy I purchased the High Dose bottle sample to try! My husband who usually has interrupted sleep due to severe back pain since 2003 has slept through the night. He wakes up thinking he will lay there for a couple hours but then realizes the sun is rising and is happy he's had a full night's sleep. The only bad thing...we ran out of the product quickly. Placing an order tonight! So grateful.